SmartSimple for Medical Case Management – check out our latest YouTube videos!

Did you know SmartSimple can handle the administration and processing of medical cases and insurance claims?

SmartSimple’s IME360o for independent medical examiners has secured encryption and decryption keys, ensuring the safe identification and exchange of claimant information. Claims are processed entirely online, saving time, paper and money.  Claims adjusters and medical assessors no longer need to create, ship and copy large volumes of paper-based files to complete accident claims.

SmartSimple’s CMS360o allows for any medical or case information to be managed seamlessly. All core business processes are automated, including invoicing and scheduling. CMS360° can also integrate with your accounting software.

SmartSimple systems meet Canadian federal and provincial regulations for handling healthcare information.  Audit features such as reader log, track changes, automated workflows and complete field history allow you to maintain the highest degree of control over your data.

IME360o and CMS360o allow organizations to work collaboratively, providing the quick and easy transfer and communication of case or claim details. Check out our latest videos below to learn the benefits of using SmartSimple:

Interested in learning more?  Contact SmartSimple by email, by phone at 1. 866.239.0991, or request a demo directly from our website, and discover how we can help improve and automate your core business processes.


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